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Sugeet’s extra ‘Ordinary’ outing sends shivers down the spine

This movie has come from a director who entered tinsel town with a bang. The film name ‘Ordinary’ is self-explanatory to know who and what Sugeet is. The debutant director in 2012 is a few more films old as his latest, Kinavally, has hit the screens in the last theatrical release date in July. If all other movies boasted known names, the recent one is a freshers’ outing, something he had dared to try his hands on to narrate an untold horror premise in a never-before-seen fashion. By the end of the 2 hour 21 minute screen time, one may wonder what difference these new comers make with industry veterans.

Let’s have a quick over view of the plot. Vivek (Ajmal) and Ann (Surabhi) got married against the wish of both families and have been leading a life away from the dear and near ones for so many years. One fine day, a common WhatsApp voice message comes to his friends, Ajith (Krrish), Sudheesh (Vijay), Gopan (Sujith) and Swathy (Sowmya). That was Ann inviting all four to join the couple for their next wedding anniversary.
As invited, the friends plan their journey together to be at an old colonial bungalow, now the residence of Vivek and Ann. The early days of stay were fine, until two of them come to know about an old murder mystery surrounding the house. Sudheesh, a staunch believer in god is the first to start the search for ghost. He is later accompanied by the rest upon confirming who exactly is possessed. A series of strange occurrences later, they unite in a mission to inform Vivek about the happenings.
The director had excused in the beginning, that he is telling a no real-life story. It also asks a question if you have ever seen a ghost. No factual support to this phenomenon to date, he takes the liberty to fantasise it and deliver a successfully chalked-out perspective, so fresh and lively. It is not all-spooky tip-to-toe, the concoction is rightly-mixed with the ingredients of friendship, happy vibes, good times and youthful days too. Behind the scenes also there was room for new talents. All in all, it has worked so well.

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